Advanced Research in Business

Terms, Conditions, and Cancellation Policy

1.    International Conference for Advanced Research in Business (ICARB) reserves the right to relocate the conference, cancel the conference in the event of natural disaster, terrorist event, illness or other unusual circumstances as determined solely at the discretion of the ICARB. In the event of conference cancellation, the ICARB will be responsible only for, at most, returning the attendee's paid registration fee less any other expenses. The ICARB reserves the right to modify, add to, or delete its policies and procedures at any time. Any such change shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between the ICARB and conference participants or authors. The ICARB reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Fees are subject to revision anytime without notice. Any expenses, cost incurred by the participants for attending the conference at their sole responsibility. ICARB reserves the right to alter or delete items from the conference program, including shorten the duration of the conference (e.g. number of days, hours for the conference, and any other time, or timetables) in the event fewer conference papers received or fewer attendees attending the conference, cancel any session that has insufficient enrollment, and / or majority of the delegates wanting to present papers and conclude in a day, and is not responsible for such an event and no refund of any fees. 
Registration fee is based on one paper and one presentation only on one day. Registration fee is not based on number of days for the conference. If the presenter of the paper is late or miss the presentation, it cannot be rescheduled. Only papers that have been paid by authors in full will be published, papers pending payment will be excluded from conference proceedings and journals.
Only delegates who have fully completed the registration process including registration form, will be allowed to attend the conference.
Non-payment of late registration fees leads to excluding paper from conference proceedings and journals.
No refunds for any unused portion of the conference
We do not serve alcohol at any of the events. All the events are smoke-free and drug-free events. Submission of the registration form and payment (register now) indicates your acceptance of these terms.
2.    All cancellations need to be in writing. No refunds will be given for portions of the registration not being used. The attending delegate is responsible to keep themselves updated on the latest developments about the conference by visiting the website:  and any such changes including the conference venue and the program will be emailed to the delegates via the delegates email before the conference.  
Conference organisers will email the delegates before the conference start date for the confirmation of delegate attendance to the conference. In the event the delegate doesn’t reply to the confirmation email, the delegate will be considered as not attending the conference, paper presentation excluded, and will result in a full forfeiture of the full event fee.
3.    If a registrant is unable to attend an event for any reason they may substitute, by arrangement with the conference coordinator, someone else from the same institute/organisation. Decision to allow/not allow solely is decided by the organisers. No refunds will be made for non-attendance at the conference.
Please note that once the conference proceedings/journals are published on the website, you cannot make any changes to the paper. If the author submitted an abstract before the conference, and wants to publish a full paper after the conference, and vice versa, this will not be allowed. Any updated version of the paper will not be allowed. If an urgent request is made, a fee of $395 will have to be paid by the author for any updates to the proceedings/ journals.   
5. If the author pays for one (first) paper and has the payment pending for the second paper (and consecutive papers third, fourth, and so on), in such case, all papers (including the first paper) will only be published when payment for all papers have been fully made. If the payment is not made in full, all papers will be withheld (including the first paper) from the proceedings/journals. If an urgent request is made by the author, paper reinstatement fee $275 (each paper) has to be paid by the author.                                                                                                                   
6. Cancellations from authors made after a failed visa application will not be refunded. In this event, the paper will still be published in the conference proceedings and delegates will have access to electronic copy of the proceedings on the website. We do not provide any assistance relating to visa other than the paper acceptance letter for the conference.

7. Fees Refund Policy: The registration  fees and any other fees received by ICARB is not  refundable.
8. If you have mistakenly paid more than  required registration  fee then we will refund within 90 days any extra amount you have paid. Refunds will be made in the following way: For payments received by credit or debit cards, the same credit/debit card will be refunded. The name on the credit card has to be exact to the name of the registered delegate attending the conference, and exact to the name on the passport. Administration Fee will be applicable.
9. ICARB  will protect your personal information. Your personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.
Submission of the registration form and payment (register now) indicates your acceptance of all the above terms.The policy as stated on this page is valid to present date.

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